Operation & Maintenance

  • Optimizing your investment
  • Your photovoltaic power plant will only deliver full return on your investment if it's running smoothly at all times.
  • We secure and optimize your plant's performance on an ongoing basis
  • We monitor all components and ensure their timely replacement as required (condition management)
  • No need to build up reserves, thanks to our flat rate repair cost program
  • What makes our monitoring and maintenance services so special?
  • Preventive maintenance management: constant failure monitoring ensuring fastest possible response and elimination without shutdown
  • Performance test: 14-day performance test of the entire plant at full solar irradiation, with detailed log
  • Expert know-how: our specialists carry out all technical operations and maintenance and repair work

A cell conversion efficiency of 25.6% brought Panasonic the efficiency world record in 2014. (at R&D level)