Commercial Solar Panels- Min Price

Panasonic Solar Panels

Commercial solar plant

Are you tired of spending a lot on your electricity bills? Then, you are in the right place. We at Jetsor power solution helps you get rid of this problem in the most effective manner. We deal in a wide range of commercial solar power plants and help you get free from the tension of paying high electricity bills.

We all are aware that increased demand of electricity it is impossible to supply the source with the same pace thus people are opting for alternate energy source and the solar system is one of the most cost-effective and long-run sources that can fulfill our energy requirement effectively. This eco-friendly source of energy is a hedge against volatile and unpredictable increases in grid tariffs and fossil fuel costs.

Benefits of the solar system for commercial purpose:

  • The utilization of unused terrace area.
  • Decreases your energy expenses at a phenomenal rate
  • An increased share of renewable in their energy portfolio
  • RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligations) compliance
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Easy upgradation
  • Perfect for high scale requirement.
  • Decrease CO2 emissions in the environment
  • Positive impact on customers and other stakeholders.

Why choose us?

  • Solutions customized as per your requirement that ranges from few kW to multiple MW's.
  • 25 years' of service life
  • Lifecycle Asset Management
  • We assure you about 3-4 years of payback of your investment

Though there are many other alternative sources of energy like hydropower, wind power and Biopower but solar power is most trusted and easy to install power generation system for commercial purpose. Contact us today and cut-off your electricity bills at an incredible rate by installing a solar power plant at your commercial space.


A cell conversion efficiency of 25.6% brought Panasonic the efficiency world record in 2014. (at R&D level)