Solar Company In Faridabad

Solar Company In Faridabad

Industrial Solar Plant

Make the best use of natural resources by installing our industrial solar panel. Industries like textile, cement, paper and steel are opting for this effective solution at great speed. The solar power system is one of the best ways to cut down your electricity expenses.

Jetsor power system is one of the most trusted solar system installation partner in across india and is trusted by hundreds of customers from Industrial, domestic and residential sector. The solar system is gaining popularity with great speed regarding numerous reasons like increasing awareness, advancing technology, government assistance and cost-effective source of energy.

Installing this alternate energy system has a positive impact on the environment and is beneficiary for availing tax benefits, capital subsidies and other incentives as applicable.

Benefits of the solar system for an industrial purpose:

  • The utilisation of unused terrace area.
  • Decreases your energy expenses at a phenomenal rate
  • An increased share of renewable in their energy portfolio
  • RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligations) compliance
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Easy upgradation
  • Perfect for high scale requirement.

Why choose us?

  • Solutions customized as per your requirement that ranges from few kW to multiple MW's.
  • 25 years' of service life
  • Lifecycle Asset Management
  • We assure you about 3-4 years of payback of your investment

The solar power industry has emerged at incredible speed and is meeting almost 30% of power requirement in certain industrial firms. According to one report released by the Cleveland-based Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, it is stated that the installed capacity of solar power in India is likely to reach 75 GW by 2022 that will be delivering up to 110 TWh or 22% of the required electricity increase in the country.

The focus on solar energy in India has increased positively. Thus, a corporate or industrial solar sector in India is also contributing their bit to make our environment healthy and clean.


A cell conversion efficiency of 25.6% brought Panasonic the efficiency world record in 2014. (at R&D level)