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Solar Power Plant Maintenance Companies In India

Perc Monocrystalline Solar Panel

The solar power industry has come a long way since its invention but it's still in its growth period. Many inventions and introductions are made to provide the most bleeding-edge technology and boost energy generation and speed up end users' return on investment. PERC technology is one such recent invention that has been successful in boosting solar efficiency. This advanced Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology are designed for large electrical power requirements.

Jetsor Power system Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most trusted suppliers of PERC monocrystalline solar cell panel that offers high-powered and reliable performance for both on-grid and off-grid solar projects.

PERC technologies let solar cells absorb more light and are best for locations that might not initially seem the best for a solar PV installation. Our PERC monocrystalline solar panels are ideal for rooftops, elevated ground, desert or snowy environments or on-water applications and perform magically even under low-light conditions and high temperatures.

Solar Power Plant Maintenance Companies

PERC technology delivers increased energy density and electricity generation for the system. This Greater energy density significantly reduces the Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for a solar PV installation. By effectively leveraging the modules with PERC technology, end-users obtain a much faster ROI.


PERC technology is gaining popularity for its incredible features like-

  • The passivation layer makes the flow of electrons steadier and consistent that helps in producing an additional electric current.
  • The unabsorbed light is reflected again by the passivation layer back to the solar cell for a second absorption attempt that helps in producing additional energy.
  • Cost-effective solar energy technology as it allows energy output to be maximized due to more efficient energy conversion.
  • Reflecting specific wavelengths that normally generate more heat out of the solar cells

Solar Power Plant Maintenance or Operation

  • Optimizing your investment
  • Your photovoltaic power plant will only deliver full return on your investment if it's running smoothly at all times.
  • We secure and optimize your plant's performance on an ongoing basis
  • We monitor all components and ensure their timely replacement as required (condition management)
  • No need to build up reserves, thanks to our flat rate repair cost program
  • What makes our monitoring and maintenance services so special?
  • Preventive maintenance management: constant failure monitoring ensuring fastest possible response and elimination without shutdown
  • Performance test: 14-day performance test of the entire plant at full solar irradiation, with detailed log
  • Expert know-how: our specialists carry out all technical operations and maintenance and repair work
Solar power plant maintenance


A cell conversion efficiency of 25.6% brought Panasonic the efficiency world record in 2014. (at R&D level)